Advantages of PVC in the manufacture pallets adobe bricks

To meet the needs of the production units adobe Materials Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing thermal Phat Loc and offering products Pallet PVC panels with superior features compared with pressed bamboo pallets as well as products PVC pallets of the same type on the market. Corrugated Pallet our PVC production by the unit is currently producing adobe bricks used and the verification of the quality of the product.



Currently Phat Loc Pallet Company by providing units being produced adobe bricks favored with outstanding features that other materials can not be replaced by:
– Durability: The technology for the production of PVC Pallet high mechanical strength, withstand high mechanical vibration helps long service life, saving the cost of replacing and repairing.
– No warping: Produced by modern technological lines, extruded (non-vacuum), the pallets of finished products with high uniformity, no warping.
– Flat Surface: flat surface, uniform thickness help produce uniform tiles.
– Waterproof: Pallet PVC anti-corrosion properties of chemicals (HCl, H2SO4, NaOH, cement …), waterproof, anti-UV.
– Environmentally friendly: The product is not toxic, health protection.
– Ease of construction and installation of any length so simple installation.

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