Using Plastic pallet for the production of adobe bricks

Along with development trend of adobe brick market, the technical requirements and the requirements of manufacturers of adobe bricks. Phat Loc company has researched and developed plastic pallet used in the production of adobe bricks with below advantages:

PL Plastic Pallets

  • Phat Loc PVC Pallet is waterproof, chemical resistant, anti-ultraviolet rays so it is suitable for outdoor production and appropriate to the process of resting brick manufacturers.
  • Our product is temperature resistant from 0 – 700C, not warped, not shrinked, temperature change of production environment.
  • PVC pallets is made from 90% of pure PVC and additives increased elasticity, hardness and toughness of the product. Phat Loc PVC Pallet has therefore high mechanical strength, bearing high pressure, vibration during brick molding.
  • No clues of warping are like that of bamboo wood pallet.

Phat Loc PVC Pallet choice to ensuring Manufacturer adobe bricks economic efficiency, productivity and competitive quality product is not interrupted due to the manufacturing process to replace Pallet (as when using bamboo wood Pallet).

In addition to the warranty policy 1 for 1 when the product is defective, damaged and procurement policy to the expiration of the warranty to 25% of the value will really give customers a choice of secure and private tree.

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