“Firstly, Phat Loc heat materials Co., Ltd would like to send warmest greetings to all of customers.

Production of adobe bricks comes high on the list of development prioritie on Vietnam market. The adobe bricks factories are rapidly growing and extensively increasing . To help them to operate stably and productively, the synchronous production line play a very important role. Therefore, pallets become integral to be used as carriers.

Brick pallets can be made of different materials but the most advantage material is still PVC (Polyvinylclorua). Currently, Phat Loc pallets gradually replace all of the other materials pallets. Advantages of PVC pallets are well known by adobe bricks producers and became their first choice.

Accompanying the producers of adobe bricks, Phat Loc Co. Ltd researched technology, machine and then installed production lines of PVC pallets which are suitable with international standards. The products are mainly applied to manufacturing adobe bricks, with a life expectancy of 6-10 years and gain many customers’ confidence.

Phat Loc PVC Pallet is durable aand have life expectancy 3 times more than that of bamboo, wood pallets. Our products is waterproof, keeps original shape, saves costs of maintenance and replacement and decreases production interruptions. Phat Loc Pallet has smooth surface, uniform thickness which helps to achieve higher quality bricks and uniformity. Useing Phat Loc pallet, adobe brick factories also save the cost of materials, help reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

With the motto gives customers the highest satisfaction, we hope to cooperate with all our customers. Your satisfaction is the measure of success for our products.

Thank you for your attention”