“Phat Loc heat Materials Co., Ltd is the first manufacturer of PVC pallet in Vietnam. Product is manufactured from PVC materials with advanced additive which is imported from well-known brands such as Bayer Germany, the US, Italy, Japan …, helps to create the product with the most preeminent features. We produce PVC pallet with any sizes, thickness as required by customers.

We guarantee quality of product in 2 years. During the warranty period, if any defects are caused by the producer, our customers will get 1 new product in compensation for 1 defective product. Along with warranty policy, Phat Loc company also has trade-in sale program. After pallets are out of use values, our customers will change 4 old sheets for 1 new sheet.

Our guideline is supplying customers high quality products, competitive price and considerate service. Therefore we would like to bring the highest benefit to our customers. Customer satisfaction is the success of the our company.”

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